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6 Online Blockchain Certification Websites | Best Blockchain Courses

6 Online Blockchain Certification Websites | Best Blockchain Courses

Blockchain development is soaring high. The time had long gone when Bitcoin and Blockchain was “Not-a-mainstream” technology.

These five websites are offering blockchain development courses and decentralized application development programs for new developers.

This is the perfect time to dig into blockchain development and getting an early comer advantage as a programmer and computer scientist.

With the rise of currencies like IOTA, Monero, Ethereum and Bitcoin (of course), the demand was already growing up.

But as soon as the big players like Walmart and IBM realized the power of blockchain for real-life problems related to food, supply chain, transactions and social connections, everyone started talking about learning blockchain.

Websites for Best Blockchain Development Courses

Blockchain Council

Site and Offer: 10% Off on all courses

Course: Certified courses on blockchain development and mastery over the concepts.

Detail: Blockchain Council offers some of the most popular online certification programs in bitcoin development and research.

The courses on the website range from cryptocurrency trading and ethereum development to the expert level courses on building apps with solidity and Hyperledger development.

One of the main highlights of the platforms is the instructor-led programs in ethereum and blockchain development.

The website is also offering two online degree programs in blockchain and hyper ledger development with life-time access at the time of writing.

Tonnes of ebooks, research works and project guides are also available on the website

Block Geeks

Website Link:

Courses: Multiple courses on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Blockchain and DAG development and Introduction.

Detail: Blockgeeks is a community of blockchain auditors and entrepreneurs in the industry. They provide training in project audits and development.

One of the best things I loved about Blockgeeks is the learning track.

If you are a complete beginner, still you can choose a learning track and get a good insight with it.

Further, the courses are available for all types of people including developers, hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

Regular webinars and workshops are organized to master and test your skills time by time on Blockgeeks.

Also, they arrange industry-experts led seminars for the students.


Course Link: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development (You can check other courses along with it)

Courses: Multiple courses on Ethereum development, Bitcoin development and more for beginners and advanced developers

Detail: Udemy is a platform for learning almost anything possible online.

With over 75k different courses in 45+ categories, it is one of the largest platforms to learn and enhance your skills.

Blockchain development and cryptocurrency trading micro courses are also listed and loved by multiple users here.

The modular learning approach is the perfect way to learn on Udemy for new learners who want to get specialized in a micro-niche.

The courses are certified, and language is often perfect here. You can see preview videos before getting enrolled.


Complete Specialization Course Link: Blockchain Specialization

Course: Several courses on Hyperledger and Introduction to blockchain and IBM.

Detail: Coursera is an online institution run by the top universities like Stanford.

The courses listed on the website are delivered by the experts from Google, Stanford and Yale like universities.

The hyper ledger blockchain development course by IBM is offered with certification for working professionals.

The course requires a basic understanding of blockchain concepts and bitcoin technology.

If you are looking to work in IBM corporate blockchain, the course can be a good bet.

Linux Foundation

Website: Linuxfoundation.Org

Course: Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies (LFS171)

Detail: Linux Foundation’s Introduction to Hyperledger Technology is the only free blockchain development course in the list.

The class contains 40 hours of video lectures, discussion forum, optionally paid certificate.

Learning on a Linux foundation can be a great value, but not much assistance is provided from the website.

As the course is free, you need to entirely rely on the community support if you get stuck somewhere and the curriculum is a sub-niche of a vast realm.

The course is primarily useful for working professionals in the industry who are looking to dig into hyper ledger applications and frameworks now.


Course: Blockchain Certification

SimpliLearn is a prestigious name in the developer training realm.

The new “Blockchain certification course by Simplilearn” is one of the most efficient complete course to lead to the crazy path of blockchain development and maintenance.

It includes 36 hours of the training program, 11 practical projects and 180 days of full access to the program.

Note that, you can access the instructor-led online training class for the first 90 days, so it is important to finish up your assignments and work on time.

Till the writing, this article, more than 400 students have enrolled for the course and left 4.4 rating on their website.

This course covers blockchain tool integration, bitcoin, ethereum development and hyper ledger tools.

It can be useful for the professionals looking to switch their career in blockchain development as well for novice students.

Summing Up

These were the top five courses most of the experts and developers are talking about in hyper ledger and blockchain development.

If you are even a medium level developer, you can further dive deep into the documentation offered by the various currencies.

Highly qualified professionals back most of the projects and they can be a great source of value.

By getting engaged directly in the development, you can get a way better idea of the scenario.


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