How can one learn photography as a beginner?


Are there any good apps which can teach photography? Will learning photography online be useful as a beginner.


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    Find a good camera and start clicking pictures. Learn to see things from a different perspective. This is the best way to learn photography.

    But still, some advice is needed here and there. And to pursue a professional career in photography, formal education will be highly useful. Udemy has some of the excellent programs available.

    Some YouTube channels like Fstoppers and my favourite: Thomas Heaton also shares

    Tonnes of knowledge. There are many.

    Here are the best apps available on Android and iOS to learn photography.
    Price: Free and Paid courses

    Available for iOS and Android
    Price: Paid courses to purchase.

    Available for iOS, Android and through the website.
    Elements of photography
    Price: Free.

    Available for iOS and Android.


    Two chapters about photography
    Tools like charts, diagrams, and visuals that show how the camera works
    Quizzes after every episode and an advanced-level test
    General and specific tips to improve your craft.

    Some must-have apps to learn and explore photography
    500x – Photography
    Essential app for photographers to discover and share incredible photos, gain global exposure and get paid for their work and skills. Get inspired to push your creative boundaries within a community of 15 million members that know and love photography. No memes or snapshots hereā€”just great photography.
    Award-winning photo-editing app for Android and iOS.
    Photoshop Express
    Great filters and amazing features.

    Some great tips are here:

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