How to get free Udemy courses?


Is there any way to get Udemy courses for free (or for cheap price)?

I am aware of Torrents and other websites which are illegally providing courses for free but I don’t want that. Is there a good trick to get those courses for a less price (or for free)?

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    As you have mentioned already that you don’t want to download courses from torrent and other websites illegally. I love your choice as I never learned anything by doing it (as I tried doing it for some time).

    Here are some excellent ways to get Udemy courses for free (or 10% of the actual price).

    • Keep an eye on Udemy offers and sales

    Udemy runs so many sales and offers throughout the year. (Some instructors hate it). You can use that time to buy Udemy courses for cheap since the deal is quite often so you can always wait for 10-20 days and there you will find another chance.

    Don’t miss any special occasion like a festivel, black friday, cyber monday and diwali.

    I am using for some time, and I think it is the best place to get any Udemy and other online course offers. They regularly update courses which go free for limited time. Free courses don’t often have good quality, but that is the best place to get Udemy (and other MOOC) offers.

    • Ask the Instructor

    Instructors have the exclusive privilege to enrol someone into their courses for free. If you have a good enough reason to ask for a fee exception, go write an email while mentioning your problem. Most of them will help you.

    Here are the only ways I can think of getting Udemy for free.

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