Some schools in Minnesota are exploring e-learning when schools are cancelled due to hard weather in the district. Don’t you think e-learning is the future?


During the recent polar vortex, Shakopee district officials implemented their first round of what they call Connected Learning Days (CoLD) as their schools stayed closed for three straight days.

What are your views upon the same?

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  1. Global warming has touched every dimension. It’s no surprise to see schools looking at e-learning in harsh weather conditions.

    Elearning is surely finding its place in the changing world.

    Virtual, augmented reality and machine learning technology are under massive development, and we will see surprising results shortly right.

    But this should not happen. Schools give you a human touch. We are not robots. We should not let our future generations become one.


    Schools implementing these technologies are innovative. But permanently adopting them without close social learning (physical) will be unfortunate for humans.

    But for now, it’s really cool to see CoLD learning getting implemented.

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