What are some of the most useful skills I can learn online?


As a student, as an entrepreneur, as a professional, or simply as a human, what are some of the best skills to learn online.

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  1. Crazy is to ask, what can you learn online. The internet is full of learning opportunities.

    I learnt photography through YouTube and skillshare. When I was in college, I used to learn programming through Udemy and Codefight (programming practice platform).

    You see the world around and find an interesting thing which can benefit you in future. learning new language, writing, psychology and computer programming are to name a few.

    Select a skill which can supplement your life or complement it somehow. Go to Udemy, Skillshare or similar website and see the catelog. See if the tutor is understandable and engaging.

    Here are some interesting skills you can learn online:

    1. Public speaking
    2. Writing
    3. Blogging
    4. Learning programming
    5. Building IoT hardware with raspberry Pi
    6. Learning to speak a new language.
    7. Meditation
    8. Doing Yoga
    9. Learning about a new culture.
    10. Ancient scientific techniques (for example, vedic methamatics, ancient Indian and Greek technologies)

    There can be thousands of things. Above are some ideas coming to my mind right now.

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