What are the best resources and online sites for learning German?


I want to learn German. Looking for suggestions like Duolingo, Memrise courses, specific Youtube videos.

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  1. There are hundreds of websites and online academies to teach you anything and everything. But learning a new language is a different thing. It needs continuous effort, regular practice and a never-ending motivation.

    It is the primary reason that people like to choose an instructor-led course over electronic applications.

    Here are the best resources for learning German (or even other languages you love).


    The game-like lessons available on Duolingo are exciting and fun to learn. You can decide how much time you want to give to your learning and start accordingly. You can choose your target language, and your primary language and course will be customized accordingly.

    To be fair here, Duolingo is the most popular app (at the time of writing this answer) for learning a new language like German. But it won’t make you a master in it. An application has its limitation. You need a consistent encouragement to learn through it.

    Also, when you are not talking to a real person, the learning doesn’t appeal much. But this is my personal opinion. It’s a great application and free to use. If you can learn through it, you should try.

    I would recommend Duolingo to consider as a side application to learn German instead of the primary. You can combine it with another app like Rype.

    Rype App

    Rype is a language learning program for busy people (as they say). They provide one-to-one instructor-led classes in different languages including German. I talked to the previous learners, and they were genuinely satisfied with the program. A few of them were the regular learners for more than a year on Rype.

    You can schedule your timings and discuss with your trainer. All the trainers are native speakers, and most of them are travelling around the world. They offer free seven days trial before paying.

    Worth Trying if you are looking to learn from real people.


    Recently, A feature on Mondly pulled my attention. World’s first Augmented reality language learning program. If an app can teach you this way, it would be a fantastic thing. Mondly is a language learning app which you can access for free (for limited use). You need to upgrade for more features which cost around 49 EUR or something.

    Thousands of people love Mondly. Some of them noticed the slow response from their support, but the overall reviews are great. Mondly is one of the most innovative companies in automatic language learning realm.

    You can select your native language and the target language. Then you will be presented with a learning path which you can follow to learn your target language — a simple and fun learning application.

    You can try it for free, and if you love, you can upgrade.

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