What is the best program to learn biblical Hebrew?


Looking for free and paid resources to learn Biblical Hebrew. How much time it will take?

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  1. Many native speakers agree that learning modern Hebrew will equally be helpful for biblical Hebrew. Most of the letters, sentence formation and other principals will still be valid and make sense for ancient Hebrew.
    But the words and letters which have lost their meaning with time and to learn other important aspects, you need to work additionally over it.
    So, you can first learn modern Hebrew and then take some other course to repair your knowledge.
    Udemy has listed some great courses. Some of them have over a thousand students registered. You can start learning and practising modern Hebrew on your pace. After you get enough confidence, you can dive into ancient Hebrew learning.
    My suggestions on learning Biblical Hebrew on Udemy
    Don’t believe on reviews. They might be fake or begged from users.
    Better to see the preview videos and if the language of the instructor is excellent and easy-to-understand, Go for it.
    There are thousands of courses in the same niche. Don’t search too much. Classes are cheap, so as soon as you find the right course, take it. Learn as much as you can, and you will get a way better idea.
    Make most of the forum by asking doubts and solutions. Help others if you know something. It will also help you to revise and make your learning useful.
    Other resources are already mentioned by Mark. πŸ™‚


    biblical Hebrew is a classical form of spoken Hebrew.

    “Learning Hebrew can be advantageous for serious studies of the Bible as it will provide insights that are lost in English. Translators will frequently translate the text in a way that it will make more sense the reader. They will change, add or subtract words so that the reader does not have to deal with difficulties in the text.”

    Consider this for an example:

    The Adam is not actually a name in classical Hebrew. The first person created by God in the Bible is Adam. Although we tend to think of this as a typical first name as Thomas, this is actually not a name, but a label. In Hebrew, it means quite simply β€œman”.

    Best Resources to learn Hebrew

    Self Learning: https://www.teachmehebrew.com/

    This website contains a handful of examples, pronunciations and practice work to learn modern Hebrew. Even though.

    Online Classroom – Biblical Hebrew:

    Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

    The institute offers several classroom programs to teach biblical Hebrew to people from different language backgrounds. They are the Official Education Provider to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and have a good reputation among the past learners.

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