What is your review of pluralsight?


Is pluralsight any good?
What are the pros and cons of the platform? Is their price justified?

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    Is Pluralsight worth the price?


    Just like every other recommendation, I will say “It depends.” Pluralsight is a great platform, and I have met people who are regular learners on it for more than two years. But at the same time, my brother like Udemy more instead of Pluralsight.

    Instead of leaving you in the middle of the desert, I will help you to decide whether you should choose Pluralsight or not.

    Pluralsight costs around $300 per year and provides unlimited access to all the courses. Moreover, you get the free trial of 10 days to 1 month according to your credibility.

    Get unlimited Free trial.

    Pluralsight offers ten days free trial to everyone. I recommend using it before paying anything to test the waters.

    As a student, you Join Pluralsight here, get Microsoft imagine code and get a 12 months free access to 35 course library. Otherwise, you can create a Microsoft account and get one month free trial.

    Does Pluralsight worth?

    Pluralsight is excellent for learning programming, data science and information security. They update new courses regularly. They have a huge library, and courses are modular.

    If you like to learn things quickly in a small time, you will love it. At the same time, learning Blender through Pluralsight is not a good option.

    The best way is to get the trial, find the niche you are looking to learn in and check out the course material yourself.

    This is the only way since all the reviews will either tell you to join aggressively or will offer the alternatives.

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