Where to learn Python?


I want to learn python for learning data science and for building fun stuff myself in my spare time. What is the best place to learn Python as a beginner?

Are free python courses as effective as premium courses on Udemy and Coursera?

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  1. Python is an easy language. But not easy enough that you will understand everything simply by watching a few YouTube videos.

    As you said, for learning python, you don’t have set goals like learning artificial intelligence and working in a startup, so I wouldn’t recommend you to going for an undergrad degree program.

    (I wouldn’t if you even have told that)

    But I recommend you to check out this course “automate boring stuff with python” on Udemy. Also, you should follow this book: Learning Python hard way.

    The rest is practice. Programming is unlike learning a bicycle. You will forget everything within a month if you do not practice.

    Free courses vs Premium courses

    It’s not hard to understand why premium courses are better. People have a driving force, I.e. money while building premium courses. You will learn a lot more from a paid course than from a free one.

    But that doesn’t mean if you buy a 1000 dollar course, you will learn everything.

    I recommend checking out these free websites for practicing programming.

    1. Codechef

    2. Codefight

    3. Topcoder

    4. Spoj

    5. Hacker rank

    To learn anything and everything, I use Udemy, but the course can be your choice if you are a fan of big universities as many universities run their certification programs on Coursera.

    If you want to learn about “Internet of things” (especially Raspberry Pi), you should check out futurelearn or Udemy.


  2. Python is a gift to all the people who want to build their career in programming or like to play with technology. With the active community and a great range of tutorials available, you can learn Python online without any hassle.

    Neha on Quora writes:

    I fell in love with Python after reading a bunch of answers on Quora about how people were doing wonderful things with Python.

    Here are the places I used to wander in a while learning python in the beginning.

    • Udemy

    Course: The Complete Python Masterclass: Learn Python From Scratch

    A good course for beginners who have no prior experience with programming.

    • Codecamp

    If you want to learn Python for data science and machine learning, this is the place you should choose.

    • Learn Python .org

    Learnpython.org is a free website for aspiring python developers where they can learn Python basics and dig into hands-on coding.

    • Code Academy

    I have used codeacademy in the past and I loved their interactive classes and online editor. You will get the feature to run your program online here.

    The bottom line

    Programming is a practice. You don’t learn to programme online. You get the steps to learn it in a class. The best place to learn Python is your computer. Download a good code editor like the atom or Sublime and configure it properly.

    Python shell is useful but not handy. In Mac and Linux you don’t need to install Python externally. For windows, go to python.org and download your version (3.6 or 2.7).

    You can also use an IDE (Integrated development environment) to run your script.

    print(“Welcome to the world of Python”);


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