Which platform is better for learning English Writing – Udemy or Coursera?


I want to learn English writing for starting personal or professional blogging. I have not used any online learning platform previously. Which can be the best option from Udemy and Coursera?

Please advice.

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Ravindra Kumar 9 months 1 Answer 83 views 0

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  1. As you have already mentioned that your primary goal is to learn English for blogging only. Coursera is a kind of online University where you can learn and graduate from, where Udemy is more like a “learn anything” platform. I found Udemy instructors far more connected than Coursera.

    I have never been in an English class but I must say, Udemy will be a better platform. I can write diplomatically “I depend on you” kind of thing but this will be an injustice to the question. My brother has enrolled in a course and he is very happy with it. He even said he could have never learned this much in a university as much as he is learning here.

    Coursera is good for diving deep into the course. Also, I don’t think if there is any specified course for blogging. At Udemy, you will find further diverse topics on blogging, working online, earning money with your blogs and digital marketing which you will need to learn for being a professional blogger.

    Hope it helps 🙂

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