February 14, 2020

What is your review of Skillshare?

Skillshare provides courses for a range of topics. I am primarily interested to know your review of Skillshare for business courses. For example, courses related to Entrepreneurship, building online businesses, marketing and similar.

Recently, I signed up for Skillshare to learn portrait photography. I often measure the quality of a product on these five criteria, and I was happy to see Skillshare fulfilled 4 of them.

  • Free Trials

The free trial is not only a gift but a measure to know how the company believes in their product. Good companies often give enough time to a user to judge and decide. Free trial for 1-2 months on Skillshare is big. It is more than needed.

  • Regularly Updated Courses

You pay on a subscription basis on Skillshare and Teachers are paid monthly. It is good as it keeps driving teachers to update their courses regularly. But still, I saw some classes were not organized properly, and some were outdated.

But it happens. It happens on Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare. On every platform. Technologies get outdated, and the trash becomes bigger.

  • Quality of Teachers

My previous experience was not good with EDX. While some students were giving good reviews, I found teachers apathetic and course content boring. This was not the case on Skillshare. In all the classes I took on Skillshare, teachers were enthusiastic and courses were engaging and entertaining.

  • User Experience (Interface, subtitles)

While Skillshare interface is not as good as of Udemy, It is not as bad as of Edx. Videos buffer well, website loads up fast and you will find the transcript in all the videos. You can bookmark

It is worth trying if you are coming from a creative niche as there are hundreds of classes in this category. From photography, photoshop, UX, UI and lots of stuff is entertaining and full of learning.

  • Price is Not a Criteria

The end-goal of investing your money in learning something is to “make money” (for almost everyone). Online courses are way less costly. And provide flexibility to learn from where you want. Whether it is $200 for a class or $1 for it, if it adds value to your profile and helps you to earn more in the future, the price is justified.