February 14, 2020

Where can I learn about fitness and nutrition online?

Originally asked: Can anyone suggest some good online fitness trainers (or the place I can meet them)?
Are online training programs equally effective as taking offline gym membership and hiring a trainer?


From the very first day of my gym, I am following only 3 YouTube Channels instead of searching for random stuff online. And I will recommend you to do the same to you for the reasons given below.

Most of the internet will try to tell you everything according to them. But only a good trainer will tell you that your body is unique and it demands a unique workout routine and nutrition planning.

The ultimate goal of gathering knowledge is not to follow the instructor, but to learn more about your body and behave accordingly. You are the one who knows yourself. And if you learn to build macros and workout plan by yourself, that will be the best reward.

  • Jeet Selal Aesthetics (available in Hindi)

A certified nutrition expert and fitness trainer in natural bodybuilding. One of the best YouTube channels for healthy lifestyle training and muscle building/cutting programs. All of his programs are free of charge and extremely valuable for busy people.

  • ThenX

ThenX is now a big company kinda channel, but their programs are great. They bring content related to natural strength building and callisthenics. You can either go to their websites or download their App from the play store. Worth checking out if you want to progress in callisthenics.

  • Fit Muscle TV

Again. A very genuine and inspiring person to follow who always advice well instead of talking useless and random facts collected from other channels. The person behind the channel, Gaurav Taneja is a captain in Indigo international airlines and a professional bodybuilder.

Other Good Channels for Fitness and Nutrition

I live in India and understand Hindi and English well; this is why I have only shared the above two fitness channels. But there are some excellent people out there like Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean X is another great person to follow on YouTube for training.

I would highly recommend following websites, blogs and channels who teach you to build your routine and making your calculations.